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Monday, March 22, 2010

My First Day at Beijing Royal School

I feel honored and so thankful to be here. At 8am this morning we walked in a haze from our apartment to BRS. Our "office" is huge (eventually it will be BRS's ballroom). BRS brought it for the teachers of South High! There was a massive sign welcoming us, food, black leather executive chairs, and Chinese candy. The President of BRS, Mr. Wong, welcomed us with quite an emphatic speech---I felt like a celebrity!
Angela,(her English name. I could not pronounce her Chinese name) a BRS student,  took me on a tour of the school---BRS has the largest statue of Confucius in Beijing! The campus is dusty, huge, impossible to navigate, and impressive( Yes, more confusing to navigate than South).  It was unfortunate that the wind was so bad. During the tour I ingested a lot of dust. Overall, my retired construction foreman father would say that BRS's buildings are not up to code and definitely not union made. However, there are many windows, which South High is greatly lacking in.

Jay, the teacher we hosted a month ago, introduced me to the English department. Evidently, I was a hit because I taught two of their classes right after lunch without a lesson plan to go from. I acted like a goof ball and the students laughed at me. I didn't get to eat much of my big bowl of noodles because I could not stop talking with the English teachers--it was a impromptu professional learning community. Awesome!
I hit the wall of exhaustion after teaching two periods---jet lag set it and I stopped being able to form sentences.
Once again, dinner was a gluttonous feast of glorious Chinese cuisine.


Greg said...

My High schooler may have a chance to spend her senor year at this school. How would you rate your experience and can you recommend this?


Karen said...

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